This section contains useful elements for using the website. You find here some text and some video for help you to using the website.

This section is only in English.

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Table of contents

  1. General information
    1.1 How to use this online manual
    1.2 Defintions
  2. Help topics
    2.1 How to change a hospital address
    2.2 User
    2.2.1 Add a new user
    2.2.2 Modify an existing user
    2.3 Events
    2.3.1 Add

1. General informations

This web site is build with a CMS WordPress. WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

1.1 How to use this online manual

In this online manual, we use video to show you how to do. To watch correctly the videos, please choose the HD system by press the option button on the right of the video when you watch it.

1.1.1 Definitions

Backend menu : menu on the left of your screen when you go to the back of the web site (private part).
Role : defined what can you do on the web site like created users, post a new page, do translation and more.
Post : a wordpress post is what makes up the blog aspect of your web site. These are generally news or informational updates about certain topic or talking point. Post are listed in reverse chronological order and cas be tagged, categorized and even archived on your web site. WordPress posts are what make up the RSS content of your web site. Think the post at the news portions of your web site. They are dynamic and constantly changing the content for end users sees.
Pages : wordpress pages are similar to posts in that they have a title and body texte, but they are different because:
– they are generally reserved for static content or information
– exemples of this would be an About us or Contact page
– Pages are not listed by date and can not be categorized or tagged
– Pages can have a hierarchy
– Due to their static nature, Pages are not included in RSS feeds and won’t have date or time publishing
Event : a wordpress event is an information about an event. It is an event that you organize or an event that you think it is important for the network.

1.1.2 Public and private part of the web site

In this web site, you will find a private part and a public part. The private part is for the members of the network SH4E. Nobody can made is own suscription at the private part. Only the

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