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Book your seat at the National Conference of Swiss Hospitals for Equity.

This meeting will bring together health professionals, policymakers and specialists in migration and health policy. It will provide an opportunity to discuss topical issues, exchange best practices and the latest research findings to address issues of equity and quality of care in an increasingly diverse Switzerland.

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st day: November 23, 2016
Federal Office of Public Health, Schwarzenburgstr. 153, 3003 Bern: Access map

th day: November 24, 2016 
Eventfabrik Bern,
 Fabrikhalle 12, Fabrikstrasse 12, CH-3012 Bern Map (in German)


Identify issues of quality and equity of care in an increasingly diverse Switzerland.

Identify the specific skills that health professionals need to acquire in order to ensure equitable health care for an increasingly heterogeneous patient population.

Facilitate the exchange between experts and health professionals.

2:00 am Reception and registration
5:00 pm Welcome address
4:00 pm Reception and registration
4:00 am Welcome address
2:00 pm Keynote: Superdiversity


st day (Wednesday November 23)

The growing social and cultural diversity of patients and carers implies a new concept of health, that of “diversity management”. In order to avoid the ethical, economic and legal risks associated with inequalities and to ensure the quality and equity of care for all patients, in spite of increasing budgetary pressures, it is essential to have appropriate strategies, both at the political level than in the care structures.

This first day will illustrate these issues with concrete examples and research results. It will also be an opportunity to discuss with representatives of hospital management and political authorities on the roles and responsibilities of each, and to discuss possible actions to be taken to improve the current situation.

th day (Thursday, November 24, 2016)

In order to deliver quality, patient-centered care to an increasingly diverse population, health professionals need to develop specific skills. At the same time, health facilities need to be able to guarantee access to specific services to implement these skills, such as access to community interpreting services.

During this second day, international experts will speak on themes that will take off in Switzerland too. The national experts will speak about themes and areas of intervention that are at the heart of the activities of the hospital network. Participants will be able to interact with their peers and gain useful knowledge for their daily work in parallel sessions.
The conference will conclude with an overview of the opportunities offered by concerted and coordinated action across health services at the national level to improve the quality and equity of care.

Maximum number of participants
Participation is limited to 100 people for the first day (23 November). Registrations will be processed in the order of arrival.

Fees (per person)
The registration fee includes the welcome reception, catering during breaks, and the meal on the second day. Payment must be received within three weeks of registration. Cancellations will not be refunded. The deadline for registration is October 31, 2016.

1st day (max 100 people) 2th day 1st and 2th day
Price 70 francs 140 francs 170 francs

Bank payment:

Pour les participants habitant en Suisse:
Bank: PostFinance
No account: 30-698-1
IBAN: CH81 0900 0000 3000 0698 1
Référence: SH4E
For participants living abroad:
Address: Swiss National Bank, CH-8022 Zurich
Holder: Federal Administration of Finance, CH-3003 Bern
Référence: BUKR1014-BAG; SH4E (bank charges at your expense)
IBAN payment in CHF: CH71 0011 5001 5100 0290 2

Prof. Patrick Bodenmann, Policlinique médicale universitaire (PMU) – Lausanne

Dr. Rita Bossart Kouégbé, Kantonsspital Aarau

Nadia Di Bernardo Leimgruber, Solothurner Spitäler AG

Dr. Sophie Durieux -Paillard, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG)

Serge Houmard, Office fédéral de la santé publique (OFSP)

Marianne Keller, Universitäts-Kinderspital Zürich

Dr. Sylvie Schuster, Universitätsspital Basel (USB)

Gaspard Ostrowski, Evaluanda