Children’s Hospital Zurich-Eleonor Foundation

Children's Hospital Zurich-Eleonor Foundation

At the Children’s Hospital Zurich, specially trained employees are available in all areas to provide competent assistance in critical as well as in time-everyday situations.

Children’s Hospital Zurich-Eleonor Foundation
Steinwiesstrasse 75 CH-8032 Zurich
Phone + 41 44 266 71 11


A transcultural attitude and, in this sense, competent action is an important part of qualified and comprehensive health care for all sick children and their families. Our main focus in this regard is: Communication (interpreting); Empowerment of patients, patients and families; Raising awareness, informing and training of hospital staff.

The Children’s Hospital Zurich is a member of the network «Swiss Hospitals for Equity» and is guided by its guidelines and recommendations.


As early as 1998, the hospital management of the Zurich Children’s Hospital adopted a working group on raising awareness of patients, patients and their families from other cultural backgrounds. This working group, in collaboration with the Swiss Red Cross (SRK), analysed the topic «interculturality in hospital». The resulting recommendations were institutionally anchored by the Department and the Commission on Intercultural Issues 2004.


Marianne Keller, lic. phil.I
Ethnologist, Nurse
Intercultural Issues Unit/Commission for diversity
Phone + 41 44 266 33 87

Claudia Schönbächler Marcar, MScN
Assistent to the Director of Nurses, MAS Transcultural Communication and Management
Commission for diversity
Phone + 41 44 266 78 83