20th National Conference on Health Promotion | Thursday 17 January 2019

20th National Conference on Health Promotion | Thursday 17 January 2019

Cities and towns in the heart of health

Our individual choices, including those concerning food, modes of transport or habitat, influence our state of health. But the health of the population depends in a paramount way on the environment and the framework conditions in which it lives. That is why this year’s conference highlights the essential role of municipalities and cities in terms of health promotion and prevention: they can create a welcoming environment that invites the Movement, encourages the meeting or offers places of Relaxation. At the local level, they have the opportunity to strengthen the physical and psychological well-being of their inhabitants.

A focus will be placed on children, young people and the elderly, who have a particularly strong connection to their habitat and neighbourhood. The relationship between cities and municipalities with their canton will also be themed, as they manage the cantonal health promotion action programmes, coordinate various health-promoting offers and offer tools and platforms to support Their communes. The scientific presentations will be complemented by the eyes of politicians as well as the experience of practitioners and practitioners.

The programme of the 2019 conference is again composed of plenary meetings, sub-plenary sessions and participatory workshops, which will allow you to compose a la carte programme. During the whole day you will also have the opportunity to exchange your impressions in the spacious premises of the stadium of Switzerland.



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