Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV) – Policlinique médicale universitaire (PMU)

Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV) - Policlinique médicale universitaire (PMU)


The CHUV meets the needs of the population of the Lausanne urban area as a primary care hospital and provides treatment in all medical specialties, including psychiatry. It is the canton’s reference hospital for patients requiring specialist care and plays a pioneering role in Switzerland and internationally in recognised areas of excellence. The CHUV also carries out community medicine and health missions and supports prevention and public health efforts.

The PMU was created in 1887 with the mission to provide care in the city and to provide care to the underprivileged. It has extended its field of activity to the entire population and is currently a reference ambulatory centre in community medicine and health. Its main mission is to provide quality outpatient and primary care in a community dimension and academic setting to all people, regardless of their social and economic status.

In recent years, these two institutions have developed significant expertise in diversity management and implemented numerous strategies, care structures and teaching and research programs. As of 2010, as part of their participation in the MFH/SHE project, they have committed themselves to improving and standardizing responses in this area. The main tasks defined are to develop the cross-cultural skills of their staff, facilitate the use of community interpreting and improve access and quality of mental health care for migrant patients.

Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois
Rue du Bugnon 21
CH-1011 Lausanne, Vaud, Suisse
Tel: +41 21 314 1111

Policlinique médicale universitaire
Rue du Bugnon 44
CH-1011 Lausanne, Vaud, Suisse
Tel: +41 21 314 6060

Since 2010, the Migrant Friendly Hospitals (MFH)/Swiss Hospitals for Equity (SHE) project has been jointly led and directed by the Department of Psychiatry, the Department of Community Medicine and Health and the University Medical Policlinic.

Contact persons

Dr Patrick Bodenmann is an assistant doctor, MER-PD, at the PMU. He has a dual background in internal medicine and public health. He is responsible for the PMU Centre for Vulnerable Populations and leads the pre- and post-graduate training in the field of cross-cultural clinical skills of the WBF. patrick.bodenmann@hospvd.ch

Dr Florence Faucherre is an associate doctor in the Department of Psychiatry at the CHUV where she is in charge of the Psy&Migrants Departmental Unit. She has a dual specialization in psychiatry/psychotherapy and child and adolescent psychiatry/psychotherapy. florence.faucherre@chuv.ch

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