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The Federal Office of Public Health is committed to the effective promotion of public health and equality of opportunity in the healthcare field in Switzerland. It encourages healthy lifestyles and ensures that the healthcare system remains efficient and affordable to all.

Access to, and quality of, healthcare should never depend on factors such as language, religion, sex, age or social and economic conditions. To this end, the Federal Council has tasked the Federal Department of Home Affairs and the FOPH with extending the National Programme on Migration and Health  to the end of 2017.

The Swiss Confederation is committed to, and since 2008 has supported, the setting up of the Swiss Hospitals for Equity network with the aim of establishing centres of excellence that provide high-quality and appropriate medical care to all patients, including migrants.

Cultural competence

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Diversity Management


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Patient empowerment

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Logo Universitaets Kinderspital beider BaselFor questions in regard to the Swiss Hospitals for Equity network, please contact:
Serge Houmard
Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
3003 Berne
Phone: +41 58 462 21 11
E-mail: info@hospitals4equity.ch